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All our facial aesthetic injectables are administered by our experienced medical surgeon, Dr Bita

Beauty in marbella

Do you wish to look years younger? Or just correct an area of concern?

These non-surgical treatments provide highly effective solutions & are a cost-effective way on improving your appearance whilst boosting your self-confidence, thus making you feel better both inside and out.

With us, you get a complete FREE consultation with zero pressure and a comprehensive discussion about your whole facial rejuvenation solution designed around your specific needs.

This consultation is a more medically, in-depth discussion compared to the standard cosmetic advise that you may have experienced in other clinics.

Remember, this consultation is completely FREE of charge (value 100€)🎁

Dr Bita has helped hundreds of customers with their cosmetic solutions.

Beauty in marbella

So what is facial rejuvenation?

It can boost your self-esteem and improve your entire appearance.

Facial rejuvenation is so much more than just a facelift, and when done correctly, facial rejuvenation focuses on facial harmony.

To maintain facial harmony, correction can be needed in several areas to bring back the natural jawline and re-establish fullness in your cheeks. 

This could form a mixture of treatments ranging from Botox and fillers in such areas as lips, jaw lines, cheeks, chin and neck. This could also include using the latest technology in PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) which uses the plasma from your own blood to include treatments such as the vampire facial, micro-needling, hair-loss treatment, acne treatment, excessive sweating treatment and many more.



Our PRP treatment is a modern, unique, innovative and dynamic method by using your own blood’s healing process to dramatically enhance and resurface your skin in just one treatment.

We complete a full indivudal facial assessment and plan a stage by stage treatment process to totally transform the shape of your face, tailored around your personal preferences and needs.

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Services that we currently provide:

( To be extended in the near future)

Botolunium Toxin (Botox)

Crows feet, (Smile lines around the eyes)

Temple, (Forehead Lines)

Glabellar Lines, (Lines between the eyes)

Gummy Smile

Lower cheek, (specifically good for bruxism and help with neck and headaches)

Turtle neck,

Nefretiti facial,

Excessive sweatimg, (Under arm Sweating)



Arthistic Facial, (Full Facial Sculpting and solution)
Temple (Forehead)
Glabellar Lines (Between the eyes)
Crows Feet (Smile lines around the eyes)
Cheeks and Cheekbones
Jaw Line
Facial Volume loss
Nasiolabial fold (nose to Lip Lines)
Marionette Lines (sides of the mouth)
Lip Volume
Vermilion Border (lip border line)
Filtrum and peri Oral Lines (Smoking Lines)
Lip Contours

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma, collected from your own blood)

Scalp ( Hair Loss)
Vampire face
Acne treatment
Can be used for all the above facial areas


I have never felt completely confident in my previous therapists knowledge around such treatments and was left disappointed after her last treatment and its results. I found Dr Bita’s details from a previous advert over a year ago and was impressed by the fact that she was hugely qualified and experienced in both dental surgery and facial aesthetics.
On meeting Dr Bita it was evident she was an experienced practitioner and was extremely friendly,  sincere and very honest in her assessment of my current situation. 
Dr Bita took her time in explaining the various treatment options and stages in each procedure and allowed me time to ask as many questions as I liked. She didn’t try to sell me any specific treatment and even suggested I didn’t need the most expensive option available. After my consultation, the team provided me with some further information and I was able to leave without feeling pressured in booking there and then for any of the recommended treatments.
I went home feeling confident in Dr Bita’s advice and a few weeks later I decided that I did want to go ahead with some treatments and contacted the clinic to book.
I loved the fact that the team had all the information available to them from Dr Bita’s report so it was a simple case in stating which treatment I wanted.
I have re-visited a few times over the past year and each time I am treated in exactly the same professional manner by all the team.

Maxine Thomas


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