Get a FREE Dental Implant

Consultation and 3D X-Ray (Value 200€)

+10% discount and phased payment options available πŸŽ

Special Implant Offer

Are you considering an Implant treatment?

The treatment is a highly effective solution if you're missing a tooth or two or have problems with loose or uncomfortable dentures.


For a limited time, you can get our special FREE dental implant offer!

You get a complete Implant consultation with 3D x-ray and a comprehensive treatment plan FREE of charge (value 200€).

On top of that, we offer a limited number of patients a 10% discount. 🎁

Phased payment options also available.🎁

There are NO obligations for you with this offer.

Dr. Bita has helped hundreds of patients with Implant treatments and for a limited time, you can get our special dental implant offer



So how is it to get an Implant?

The great thing is that implants are extremely natural and look just like your regular teeth. Because Implants are anchored in your jawbone, they work in the same way as your own teeth when you chew, talk, and laugh, and feel very comfortable. Most people don't feel any difference. The implants usually last a lifetime depending on where they are located and are extremely strong. Implants are the most aesthetically pleasing solution if you want to replace one or more missing teeth and they will make you smile and eat confidently again.


All of this is included in the FREE consultation
  • Complete 60 min. Implant consultation, simple and pain free
  • Includes necessary x-ray and 3D scanning of your jaw and teeth
  • A comprehensive treatment plan tailored to your individual needs
  • You get ALL your questions answered
  • Free post consultation detailed report
  • 10% Discount 
  • Phased payment options available
  • There are NO obligations for you
Take advantage of this offer for Dental Implants

The price for an implant can be very expensive. At Team Kroh Dental we're experts in implant treatments and

Dr. Bita is highly skilled and specialised in this field.

You will get top quality treatments at discounted prices at Team Kroh Dental compared to other practices.

An implant including a fixture, a screw, an abutment + a crown usually costs from 1500€.


You'll also receive a 10% discount on your treatment. πŸŽ