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Free Online Consultation
Our free expert consultation service will help you get the correct advice from a qualified, experienced doctor, who will be able to provide personalised feedback and the answers you need without needing to attend the clinic.

Some Things Are Easier From The Couch

Free Online Consultation From The Comfort Of Your Couch.

Our free online consultation service means you can contact with us easily and quickly without the trouble of stepping outside of your own home or even moving from the couch.
With just a few simple clicks our step by step process takes no time at all and allows you to receive completely free, professional and personalised advice from one of our doctors at the clinic.

How does it work? See below how simple it is!

1-Take Photos of your teeth , face or effected area

2-Complete The Form

3-Our Experts review your case

4-our Doctor will contact you to chat

5-you make your decision and ask questions

6-we can book you in if you wish

Step 1: Photographing your teeth, face or the affected area

Obtain a high-quality image of your teeth, face or affected area by using a smart phone or digital camera to provide at least 3 clear images so we can give you the best possible advice. Ideally these images should show the area from 3 different angles.
If you have an Xray image that would be extremely useful too.

A front, close-up view of your teeth, face or affected area

A left sided view of your teeth, face or affected area

A right sided view of your teeth, face or affected area

X-ray image of your mouth if available.

Step 2: Form Completion

The more detail you can provide us with when completing this form, the more it will help us in being able to give you the best possible feedback.

Step 3: Response

Once we have received and reviewed all the information you provide, we will get back in touch with you via your chosen method of contact.
Our doctor will provide you with completely free advice and make any recommendations on any specific treatments that you may require.
If you have any further questions after this advice our team will be happy to discuss the matter further with you.

“The online advice really was exactly as described. It was so simple and effective and the advice I received back was fantastic. I even took this information back to my usual dentist, who completed some of the remedial work required prior to me returning back to Team Kroh for the specialist surgery, which was completed by Dr Craig. An amazing clinic, who will now continue with my routine dental check-ups.”

Paula Johanssson


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